jeudi 14 mai 2009


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mardi 5 mai 2009

Imagine Cup 2009

Because innovation matters, because youth are the future, because only smart ideas can change the world and make it better; Microsoft includes young people and their projects in its polity.

The Imagine Cup, a competition organized by Microsoft, aims to supervise the students’ ideas and helps to achieve them.

This year, the competition will take place in Cairo Egypt on July; it will unite students coming from the entire globe. But before the big finally, each country will have its “mini Imagine Cup” in which the winners will represent their nation in Cairo.

Wednesday 06 Mai 2009, Tunisian teams compete to try to get a ticket to Egypt. This event will take place in “INSAT”. You are all invited to assist and to support the teams.

It doesn’t matter who will win (.NetLeaders, ISI Winners, MUMS, RedQueen, TBCR, Metal Heads, World Saviors, VT, InsaTeam, W3A, ISI Light), we are proud of all teams.

So don’t miss the “Rendez-vous”, 9PM in INSAT.

DotNETPlus !

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Article écrit par Othmani Rabeb.

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